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The United States Army is the Main Ground Force of the United States. They have been in existence since before the Revolutionary War. The US Army has Been in every war that America has Participated in, from the Revolutionary War up to Operation: Iraqi Freedom, or the Iraq War.

The Army Has Both Ground Forces and Air Forces, with more in the former than the latter. The Air Forces primarily consists of hielocopters,with the pilot generally being a Warrant Officer.

The Formations go as follows, from Smallest to biggest:

Soldier- 1 Soldier

Detail- 2-5 soldiers

Team- a group of 5 to ten soldiers

Squad-a group of 2 teams, or 10 to 20 soldiers

Platoon- a Group of 4 Squads, or 40 to 80 people

Company- a group of 3 to 4 Platoons, or 120 to 320 people

Battalion- Two Companies, or about 240 to 640 people

Brigade-Two to five Battalions

Division-Two Brigades

Corps- Two to five Brigades

Army-Consists of all Corps

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