Name of unit TX-948
Affiliation Air Force
Established 1994
District Wikipedia:San Angelo Independent School District
Enrollment Apx. 250
Location 900 E. 43rd, San Angelo (76903), Texas
Country United States
Commands AFOATS
Status Active

Our Corps, or TX-948, is the AFJROTC unit that was established in 1994 and attached toView High School in San Angelo, Texas. Our campus is under the Angelo Independent School District.

Notable PersonnelEdit

List of Instructors
Name Rank Year Position
Regina Harrisfagooo Maj. (Ret.) -Present


Msgt. (Ret.) -Present ASI
Msgt. Penisberg Msgt. (Ret.) 2014-Present ASI
ezslutz Msgt. (Ret.) -2014 ASI
List of Corps Commanders
Name Rank Year(s)
Kuntzian poosy c/Col 2016
tugadics c/Col 2015-2016


c/Col 2015+
uberkunts mcshite c/Col 2014-2015
poosieh8tr c/Col 2014
pankake t1tt133s c/Col 2013-2014

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