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Name of unit TX-20007
Affiliation Air Force
District Leander ISD
Enrollment Apx.100
Location Leander, Texas
Country United States
Commands AFOATS
Status Active
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TX-20007 is an Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps unit located in Leander, Texas, USA.

Instructors Edit

  • SASI: (Ret.) Maj. Terry Neidecker
  • ASI: (Ret.) MSgt Ed Perez

Top 7 Chain of Command

  • CC: Hui
  • DC: MCool
  • CCM: Paul
  • SQD1 CC: Garcia
  • SQD2 CC: Gustofson
  • Support SQD CC: Victoria

About usEdit

In the year 2000 our unit became the 7th unit in Texas to be activated.

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