Private, also know by its U.S. Army Pay Grade E-2 (for ranked private), is the first rank that is achievable in the Army JROTC Program.

U.S. Army Private (E-2) rank insignia

 It is also a rank achievable in the Marine Corps JROTC Program.

Army JROTC[]

In Army JROTC, Cadet/Private is either the entrance rank for all incoming LET-1 cadets or the first rank cadets are promoted to. The rank insignia of a C/PVT consists of one chevron, similar to the U.S. Army rank insignia. At this rank, a cadet is normally a member of a squad and thus is not in a command position. A C/PVT is referred to as "Private" by other cadets.

Army JROTC Cadet/Private rank insignia