OH-20061 Logo
Name of unit OH-20061
Affiliation Air Force
Established 2006
District Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District
Enrollment Apx. 120
Location Bellbrook, Ohio
Country United States of America
Status Active (as of 2019)

OH-20061 is an established AFJROTC unit located in Bellbrook, Ohio at Bellbrook High School. The School is part of the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District.

Represented by the school's "soaring Eagle" mascot, the OH-20061 unit is composed of 8 flights, each carrying approximately 9 cadets in their ranks. Including additional officers and flight directors, the OH-20061 unit is built from approximately 120 cadets on a given year.

Unit Activities Edit

Events Edit

Like other units, OH-20061 represents the Air Force on many occassions in and around the Bellbrook area. On a yearly basis, the Colorguard followed by the main scheduled flights march in the parades for the local Sugar Maple Festival and Lion's Club Festival, among many other celebrations and games.

Fundraisers like the Sugarcreek Golf Outing and the canned food drive support unit vacations out to places such as Cape Canaveral or the Kennedy Space Center. Often times, half the 120 cadets will be taken on these long trips, based on their performance and general behavior in the unit.

Clubs Edit

OH-20061 has three main clubs that serve in the unit.

  • Color Guard encapsulates both base Color Guard as well as Honor Guard. Presents colors at events, and allows for more practice after-school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Fitness Club happens after-school on Mondays, Wednesdays, where it serves as an extra gym to help keep the unit in shape.
  • Model Club happens after-school on Friday, where cadets can paint and craft model planes and military artifacts for fun to hang up around the school.

Corps Command Edit

Corps Commanders Edit

These are the known Corps Commanders.

Name School Date of service
Justin Patton Bellbrook High School 2020

Squadron Commanders Edit

These are the known Squadron Commanders

Name School Date of service
Olivia Lesko Bellbrook High School 2020
Jaela Kennedy Bellbrook High School 2020

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