Name of unit NV-20012
Affiliation Air Force
Established 2001
District Washoe County School District
Enrollment Apx.210
Location Reno, Nevada
Coordinates 39.606178,-119.823377
Country United States
Commands AFOATS
Status Active
Homepage NV-20012

NV-20012 is a United States Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp In Reno, Nevada. It operates inside North Valleys High School as an elective class. There are approximately 210 cadets in the Corp divided into 6 flights. All cadets are given a personal AFJROTC Cadet Guide to keep, to follow and review. It's their responsibility to know the information contained in it. The Cadet Guide outlines AFJROTC participation, Standards of Behavior and Dress Code. These standards are derived from North Valleys dress code and Behavior Student Handbook, as well as AFJROTC Regulations.

Unit historyEdit


AFJROTC cadets

NV-20012 received it's activation orders from Air Force Headquarters, on March 26, 2001. The Corps is run by cadets and instructors: Senior aerospace science instructor (SASI) or aerospace science instructor (ASI).

Notable PersonnelEdit

List of Instructors

Name Rank Year Position
George Fleck Lt Col (Ret.) 2001-2016 SASI
Charles McLeod MSgt(Ret.) 2001-2004 ASI
David Quesenberry CMSgt (Ret.) 2002-Present ASI
Michelle Nelson MSgt (Ret.) 2004-2007 ASI
Trent Woodruff MSgt (Ret.) 2007-2009 ASI
James Lorenz (Ret.) 2009-Present ASI

List of Wing or Group Commanders:

Name Rank Year
Kelley Graber Cadet Colonel 2001-2002
Travis Wicks Cadet Lieutenant Colonel 2002
Nathan Simons Cadet Colonel 2002-2003
Shawn Horner Cadet Colonel 2003-2004
Cassandra Frankfrurt Cadet Colonel 2004-2005
Cody Chase Cadet Colonel 2005-2006
Samuel Jensen Cadet Colonel 2006
Alex Stackhouse Cadet Colonel 2007
Tyler Dillard Cadet Colonel 2007-2008
Alyssia Thomas Cadet Colonel 2008-2009
Hector Echeverria Cadet Colonel 2009-2010
Cody Dillard Cadet Lieutenant Colonel 2010-Present

"NV-20012: The Series"Edit

See main article: "NV-20012: The Series"

"NV-20012: The Series" is a series of short and full length movies about the Cadet Corps. The series was launched on May 26, 2008 with the release of the 'first season'. Plans are in the works for a 'second season'. "NV-20012: The Series" is about the various things and actities the Corps does thought the year and the drill meets the Corps has been to.

Cord ChartEdit

At NV-20012 all positions are designated by cords, the picture to right show a visualization of the cords and the job the cadet holds

Cord chartnv-20012

Visual cord chart of NV-20012

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