An Element Leader is the leader of an element in an established flight.


JROTC Leadership Position information
Position Element Leader
Max Rank Cadet Staff Sergeant
Authorized for Position 2-4 (per flight)

Note: *All the information about a given position are generalized and very from unit to unit.

Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

  1. Follow the orders of the Flight Commander or Flight Sergeant.
  2. Ensures that their element complies with AFJROTC polices.
  3. Helps maintain order in the specified element.
  4. Reports the element's status upon request.
  5. Performs other orders/regulations set forth by the unit's leadership and/or SASI.
  6. Controls the Discipline of his or her flight.
  7. Help assist the Flight Commander of Flight Sergeant when needed.
  8. Helps his or her element with Uniforms and appearance.

Sources[edit | edit source]

"[The North Valleys AFJROTC NV-20012 Cadet Guide]" 51.

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