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Name "NV-20012: The Series"
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"NV-20012: The Series" is a series of short and full length movies about the NV-20012 AFJROTC Cadet Corps. The series was launched on May 26, 2008 with the selling of the 'first season'. "NV-20012: The Series" is only available to cadets and family for it can only purchased on site.


Season OneEdit

The series began with 'Benefits of AFJROTC'. A homemade movie for the yearly Parent Orientation Night in September of 2007. It was designed to be an aide to help parents better understand what AFJROTC is about and what benefits it has for their cadet. Later that year NV-20012 went to a drill meet at Reed High School. The drill meet was filmed in its entirety but an episode was not made, however scenes form this event are seen in the episode 'The 2007-2008 School Year'. In December the unit went to the school district wide Brigade Drill Meet of which an episode was made. In March 2008 'Panther Challenge 2008' was filmed, this drill/athletic/knowledge meet is hosted by NV-20012 at North Valleys High School. Later in May 2008 a request came in to have video made and sent to the JROTC at the district level so they can see what the cadet Corps has done this year. About a week later a request came in to have a video shown at the yearly Awards Night; the same video was used, which became the episode 'The 2007-2008 School Year' was featured at this event. People were so impressed with the video that it was decided that the video could be sold to cadets and parents. So on May 26, 2008 the whole 'first season' became available for pre-order, by the end of the school year over 10 copies were sold.

Season TwoEdit

The Second was not big as the first and was never released on DVD. Only Two of the three planned episodes were compiled. The episode Reed Drill Meet 2008 was filmed, but no word as to wheather it will be released.

Episode ListEdit

Season OneEdit

Episode About First Appearance
Benefits of AFJROTC

A video that describes
the benefits of being
in AFJROTC and a brief
overview of what we do.

September 2007
Brigade Drill Meet 2007

A full length movie showing
all the events we competed
in at the 2007 Brigade Drill

January 2008
Panther Challenge 2008

A full length movie showing all
the events we competed in
(except Knowledge Bowl) at the
2008 Panther Challenge.

April 2008
The 2007-2008 School Year

A short video briefly showing all
major events the corps has
participated in this school year.


Season TwoEdit

Episode About First Appearance
AFJROTC and the Panther Air Wing

A movie that takes an inside
look at the JROTC
curriculum. The history of
AFJROTC, and an inside look
of NV-20012.

Reed Drill Meet 2008*

A full length movie showing
all the events we competed
in at the 2008 Reed Drill

Never compiled

ROTC In Action

An 8 minute movie showing
all events we do
and a overview of
JROTC curriculum


*These movies are proposed -subject to change

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